As both a former prosecutor and public defender I saw the struggles faced by so many Floridians as a result of injustice. My work as Attorney General will give them a voice and ensure that, in me, they have a fierce defender and advocate.”

Aramis Ayala is a civil rights advocate, cancer survivor, and former Florida State Attorney who has dedicated her life to the pursuit of justice. Growing up just outside of Flint in Saginaw, Michigan, Aramis saw the inequality that forced working-class families to struggle just to make ends meet. Her father, a Vietnam veteran and UAW factory worker, and late mother stressed the importance of hard work, faith, and service to others from a young age

Aramis served as a public defender and Assistant State Attorney for nearly 15 years before courageously leading as State Attorney of Florida’s 9th Judicial Circuit from 2017-2021. The first Black state attorney in Florida history, Aramis fearlessly took on the status quo to build safer, healthier communities, creating innovative pre-trial diversion programs, new police accountability and oversight reforms, and initiatives to support victims of domestic violence. 


“As a teenager, I worked a fast-food job for spending money. When my paycheck was stolen, my dad asked me to think about how I’d feel if that was all I had to pay the rent or to buy food for my family. I learned that it’s not enough to care, that I have a duty to fight for what’s right.”

Key Accomplishments: 

Diversion programs for non-violent juveniles: Keeping young people out of the system is a priority for Aramis. She has implemented alternative sentencing guidelines that not only circumvent incarceration for young people, but allow many to avoid arrest records that would otherwise follow them for life. 

Protected First Amendment Rights of Black Lives Matter protesters: When police intimidation surfaced, Aramis blocked attempts to weaponize charges of “resisting arrest” and instituted policy that will prevent similar abuses of power.

Advanced transparency by publishing a Brady List of police officers whose credibility was compromised by conduct, use of force, or unlawful activity.

Investigated wrongful convictions by establishing a first-of-its-kind conviction integrity unit

Increased resources for abuse survivors by collaborating with domestic violence experts 

Relentlessly pursued justice for hate crimes and gun violence, including prosecution for the Pulse Nightclub shooting

Prevented the disproportionate, lifelong damage caused by convictions and incarceration for non-violent misdemeanors, such as sex work, driving with a suspended license, and underage drinking, by creating innovative pretrial diversion programs

Safe Surrender: Decreased opportunity for escalation during police encounters by allowing citizens with outstanding warrants for nonviolent misdemeanors to resolve their cases without arrest. 

“After a decade of listening to members of the communities I serve, my eyes are wide open to injustices that affect everything from the healthcare their mothers received before they were born to the level of safety they feel in their own homes every night.”

An educator and mother of two, Aramis brings the forward-focused vision needed to restore public trust and create a fairer, more just future for all of us. Now she is running for Attorney General because this moment calls for bold action and principled leadership.

“We have a historic opportunity to make Florida both just and compassionate. People in power must be accountable to the people, and we, the people, must be accountable to each other. As Attorney General, I pledge to be accountable to you, and I will work tirelessly to move us forward together.”

— Aramis Ayala