Advocate, Cancer Survivor Aramis Ayala Announces Campaign for Congress in FL-10

Ayala Broke Barriers, Advanced Bold Reforms As First Black State Attorney in Florida History

ORLANDO, FL — Today, civil rights advocate, cancer survivor, and former Florida State Attorney Aramis Ayala announced her campaign for Congress in Florida’s 10th District. The Ayala campaign released this powerful announcement video, sharing details of Aramis’ harrowing cancer battle and how that experience shaped her lifelong passion for service and pursuit of justice.

“When a doctor looks you in the eye and tells you, ‘you have 24 hours to live,’ you are changed forever,” Aramis said Wednesday. “Nearly losing my life only further strengthened my resolve to fight for justice, in all senses of the word. That’s why I’m here.”

At just 24 years old and in her second year of law school, Aramis lay on her deathbed due to aggressive lymphoma. She underwent an emergency tracheotomy, over a year of chemotherapy and steroid treatments, and eventual avascular necrosis that led to bilateral hip replacement. While these challenges delayed her graduation and bar admittance, Aramis overcame them with the same grace and humility that guided her working-class union family.

Aramis served as a public defender and Assistant State Attorney for nearly 15 years before courageously leading as State Attorney of Florida’s 9th Judicial Circuit from 2017-2021. The first Black state attorney in Florida history, Aramis fearlessly took on the status quo to build safer, healthier communities, creating innovative pre-trial diversion programs, new police accountability and oversight reforms, and initiatives to support victims of domestic violence. Aramis went head-to-head with the then-governor over the death penalty, noting accountability and a responsibility to carry out justice equitably as key factors.

An educator and mother of two, Aramis brings the forward-focused vision needed to restore public trust and create a fairer, more just future for all of us. Now she is running for Congress because this moment calls for bold action and principled leadership.

“This isn’t simply about our justice system; this is about securing healthcare as the right that it is, creating jobs that keep families safe from instability and corporate greed, protecting Florida’s vibrant resources and environment, and ensuring that everyone is treated with respect and dignity. Just as I’ve never shied away from the tough fights, I’m ready to keep fighting for fairness, equality, and humanity and be a voice for those who don’t feel they have a voice,” Aramis continued. “Together we can embrace the possibilities before us and unlock our fullest, God-given potential.”

The current 10th Congressional District supported President Biden over Trump by 25 points. Since the Orlando area has grown faster than most of Florida, the district will contract during the redistricting process with some experts predicting it becomes more Democratic.

Aramis Ayala is well positioned to build upon her existing base of support and volunteers who are eager for a proven voice who gets results in Congress. To learn more, please visit